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Configure your dedicated server

  • Hiring period

    Select the hiring period for the service.
    The greater the hiring period, the better the price.

Server Settings

  • Operating System

    Select the operating system that best meets your needs.

  • Control Panel

    Select the panel you are going to manage your service with.

Upgrades available for your server

  • Professional Firewall

    Activa un sistema de firewall personalizado por hardware para incrementar la seguridad de tu servidor.

  • Connectivity, second network outlet

    Create a local network with your servers hosted at dinahosting.

  • Backups through NFS

    Mount Remote NFS Resources to store your backup copies.

  • Connectivity

    Amplía el ancho de banda de tu servidor a 1 Gbps si necesitas un gran volumen de tráfico simultáneo. Para conectividad a 100 Mgbs, transferencia mensual ilimitada, y 50 TB para conectividad 1Gbps.

  • Hard Disc configuration

    Select the disk configuration that adapts to your needs.

  • Disco duro adicional

    Añade un disco duro adicional para ampliar la capacidad de almacenamiento de tu servidor.

  • Upgrade of RAM memory

    Indicate the amount of RAM that you want your server to have.

  • Comment

    Indica si necesitas alguna característica adicional que deba tener en cuenta nuestro departamento de Sistemas en la instalación de tu servidor.



Dell PowerEdge R210

  • RAM
  • SATA
  • CPU
  • RAID
  • Processor:
    Intel Quad Core, L3426 3.2GHz Máx. Turbo64 bits
  • Transfer:
  • Base Price:
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