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Domains .es - The Spanish domain.

The ccTLD corresponds to Spain. Also used with webs of Spanish speaking cultural organizations. An alternative to consider for your group if your first option domain is already taken.

Domain rates .es

  • 1 year 14€
  • 2 years 26€ Savings 2€
  • 3 years 37€ Savings 5€
  • 5 years 60€ Savings 10€
  • 10 years 110€ Savings 30€
  • Transfers 4,70€

Minimum hiring period for domains .es is 1 year.

Periods for registration available

1 year | 2 years | 3 years | 4 years | 5 years | 10 years.


You can renew your domain before the end of the registration period. We recommend activating auto-renewal from the Control Panel.


You must authorize the transfer from the administrative contact email address.

Contact changes

Requires accreditative documentation for the registrant contact. No special requirements for the rest of contacts. Do it from your Control Panel.

Restoration and PageRank policies

The domain is deactivated during the grace period (30 days), however you can still renew it immediately.


The domain will be free 10 days after registration period expires..

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