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Domains .me - The domain from Montenegro. Now only 9€!

Although in origin treated of the *ccTLD for Montenegro, the domain .me is has become a very practical option to compose interesting domain names, since the word "me" works as a pronoun in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Galician ... On sale until 31/12/2019!

Domain rates .me

  • 1 year 13,50€ 9€ Savings 4,50€
  • 2 years 27€
  • 3 years 40,50€
  • 5 years 67,50€
  • 10 years 135€
  • Transfers 11€

Minimum hiring period for domains .me is 1 year.

Periods for registration available

1 year | 2 years | 3 years | 5 years | 10 years.


You can renew your domain before the end of the registration period. We recommend activating auto-renewal from the Control Panel.


You need the authcode and authorize the transfer from the administrator’s email contact

Contact changes

No special requirements; do it from your Control Panel.

Restoration and PageRank policies

The domain is deactivated during a grace period (30 days), you can still renew it, with a 30-day redemption period and you can get it back with a 200€ + VAT penalty price; there is a non returnable 5-day pending delete period.


The domain will be free 65 days after completion of the registration period.

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