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Domains .org - For organizations and communities.

The .org domain means organization, and is known on the Internet as a trusted TLD. It's the third ranking TLD in the world, with 8 million registrations.

Domain rates .org

  • 1 year 16€
  • 2 years 30€ Savings 2€
  • 3 years 48€
  • 5 years 80€
  • 10 years 160€
  • Transfers 9,92€

Minimum hiring period for domains .org is 1 year.

Periods for registration available

1 year | 2 years | 3 years | 4 years | 5 years | 6 years | 7 years | 8 years | 9 years | 10 years.


You can renew your domain before the end of the registration period. We recommend activating auto-renewal from the Control Panel.


Your domain must be unlocked and you need the authcode. In addition, you will receive a confirmation email in the administrator’s contact account.

Contact changes

No special requirements; do it from your Control Panel.

Restoration and PageRank policies

If the domain has a PageRank equal or upper to one, for its value, it auto-renews automatically. To recover it contacts with support. Otherwise, it is desactivated during the grace period (30 days), you can still renew it, the redemption period is 30 days and you can recover it with a penalty price of €100 + VAT, the pending delete period is 5 days and you could not recover it.


The domain is free for an approximate period of 60-80 days after termination of the registration period..

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