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Hosting DB

Hosting DB

MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

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Databases Hosting

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We offer you databases as a service, a specific hosting to host your BBDD that will be the perfect complement to any of our shared or dedicated plans.

You can connect to them from anywhere, from the services you have in dinahosting and also from desktop applications or mobile apps that require a remote connection.

The perfect solution to integrate with any of your projects!

3 GB Storage Unlimited connections Unlimited transfer

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2019 available! Sequences, query pagin, advanced search, security improvements...
More speed, availability and efficiency for your projects in theMicrosoft ecosystem.
As a Microsoft Partner, we offer you the best support bycertified and qualified staff!

  • MySQL

    The world's most popular Open Source relational database management system andthe most used in web applications. Use it for your project, development environment ... The possibilities are endless!

  • PostgreSQL

    It's the best free alternative to MySQL, and it features a very similar level of scalability andversatility. PostgreSQL stands out for its robustness.

  • MongoDB

    MongoDB uses a similar syntax to JSON and allows the storage of any type of element: objects, physical files ... It is very scalable as it raises horizontal growth.