Legal conditions

Report undue use of domains

Our Legal Department will take care to revise all the information you send us, study it and take the legal measures required once the infraction has been verified.

Private individuals

If you want to report a trademark or copyright infraction abuse, identity theft, illegal activities or to claim your rights use this section. So we can have all the information necessary to review your specific request and solve it as soon as possible write to us at:


Dinahosting offers full cooperation with the authorities and that's why we have the following contact forms available: | Tel Phone: +34 981 040 200

This email address is reserved for Authority organizations. Other requests sent this way about issues not related to these organizations will not be attended.

Reports related to Whois Data Privacy

If you want to inform us about activities related to the ill use of our Whois Data Privacy send us an email with all the information to study your request and solve it as soon as possible.

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