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Resellers personalization

Resellers personalization

Earn money with your own business!

Only your trademark and your image

We understand your needs: it's your business, it's your services, it's your brand. Work in a customizable environment in which you can do whatever you want, from including your logo or modify styles to completely program the panels.

  • Reseller

    All our services are designed to be sold with your identity and your prices.

  • Reseller

    Define the panel type, colors, language... from your Reseller Control Panel.

  • Reseller

    Register the domains you resell with DNS based on the name of your project.

  • Reseller

    Customize the Whois data and the models of documents we provide.

Your services will look like this way

We show you how your personalization will look like.

Corporate customization

Corporate customization

Fully customize the desktop’ s panel version. Add your own corporate colors.
Save and refresh your modifications the times you want!

Panel Information

Panel Information

Include your contact details, header text, panel footer text, and personalized copyright.
Your customer can easily contact you!

Call us for free and you'll find out how easy it is to customize your services

We advise you on what you need with the best specialized support team available 24x7.

Additionally, panels on PHP available for download

Create or edit your Reseller panel with the functionalities you need.

Install them on your hosting

Do you prefer to have your own panels? Download the file, upload the scripts and we'll help you with the implementation.

All the features

You have the same options as in our API, both for billing andconfiguring services.

In an exclusive panel

Your panel is unique, it's yours. But you know what's best? You don't have to program it from scratch.

And if this were not enough...

Own and exclusive tools available to our resellers.