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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

The solution for the most demanding projects

Cloud hosting for real

RealCloud is a high-performance solution that perfectly suits your needs: with new servers or allocating additional resourcesto your system in real time. Pay only for whatyou use. Per minute billing!

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  • Registration
  • Transfer GB
  • SAS storage GB
  • Licenses
  • Resources reserve

Rates always by minutes.

Your RealCloud includes free

Note what RealCloud has and others don't.

Re-sizing up while on

Increase the power of your cloud servers by keeping you onlineall the time. Just use your Panel and the xenified versions of the Kernel.

More processor power

Up to 15 CPUs and 30 GB of RAM for each of your cloud servers, in just seconds and with a proportional growth of both parameters.

Cloud Hosting with auto-scaler

Please specify the load percentage which you want your cloud servers to add or subtract resources. This way, you are protected against any unforeseen event!

Cloud Hosting programmable

Schedules the allocation of resources for specific days and times. And forget about API! A couple of clicks on your Panel and you're done.

More storage room

No limits! Create drives up to 3TB on SAS disks at 15000rpm with RAID10. Look: 20% faster on disk reading and 40% on writing.

Maximum quality

Built on a hardware of spectacular features: Dell servers R410 Quadcore, SAS disks on RAID 10, Gigabit connections...

Do you prefer Managed or do you want to be 'root'?


We manage the server for you while you enjoy the market’s easiest and most complete Panel Control .

Configure your customized hostings . 25 starter licenses! Establish access profiles and your ownsecurity protocol with 2form auth, geolocation...

Your favourite technology to work with, programming languages and databases, dozens of web applications at the click of a mouse: WordPress, PrestaShop, Moodle...

We give you a package of advanced mail tools with encrypted by account ... and additionally backups selfservice as comfortable.


Manage it yourself with root privileges, enjoying the better hardware and network conditions.

Manage your cloud securely from anywhere even when you are offline. Thanks to the alternative console, you can access the virtual units, supervise the reboot, etc.

Create restore points and reinstall the OS from your Panel. You can also mount a snapshot as a unit to access it and retrieve only thosefiles you need.

In addition, you can create Backups by NFS, LAN for your servers and professional firewall rules. If you prefer, also available Plesk and cPanel .

More for your RealCloud

  • Thawte certificates

    It encrypts your website navigation and it guarantees a safe environment for your visitors. Indispensable!

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  • Centralize your files!

    Your centralized files, with as much disk storage as you want, andunlimited transfer.

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  • Email Plus and Cloud Suite

    Your affordable mail solution with groupware and exchange type functionalities integrated.

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All the information you need to make the most of yourRealCloud.

All of them! You'll be able to customize your service features whenever you want or need it, even without being present thanks toour fantastic resource escalator.

It's a technology that allows us to make the most of the physical resourcesof a server, creating independent instances of operative systemswho will share resources but without competing for them.

Our Panel features an exclusive design. All tools have been specifically designed by our Development Team with the aim Of suiting your needs. You won't find any Control Panel like this in the market.
The SSD disks offer an unbelievable disk speed of writing and reading on SATA disks. If you are looking for the highest possible performance, SSD is your choice, and hold on tight!
Don't worry! Get in touch with our Support Department. If you need to install a specific operating system, we'll help you out.
We have full confidence in our technological infrastructure and, to prove it, we've developed a service level agreement thatincludes the following compensation in the event of non-compliance:
  • Unavailable network 0,1% → 5% of refund of monthly payment
  • Unavailable network 1% → 25% of refund of monthly payment
  • Unavailable network 2% → 50% of refund of monthly payment
  • Unavailable network 4% → 75% of refund of monthly payment
  • Unavailable network 10% → 100% of refund of monthly payment
Pricing is always per minute, there are no monthly fees. You will pay 2€ when you sign up and you only pay for what you use afterwards!
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