Social Responsibility

Our commitment: social change

Our commitment: social change

At dinahosting we feel an active part of society and we wantto contribute to their progress and to the improvement of people's quality of life.

We stand up for integration

They are Mónica, Brais, María, Manuel, Antía; they are people with learning disabilities.Their future depends on initiatives that help them improve their liveswhen the conditions of their surrounding environment do not allow it. It is for this reason that when Fundación para a discapacidade e emprego Juan XXIII invited us to collaborate with their project, we immediately joined in.

Vista Alegre: our neighbourhood

Our commitment begins in our community, the neighborhood of Vista Alegre in Compostela. We try to participate actively in our community and contribute to its development, which is whywe collaborate with the local associations AV Brañas de Andrés, helping to build participation and social networks.

Kiva: changing lives

Advances in cooperativism, medicine or engineering are rarely applied in those regions in most need. The very serious contrasts that exist today between different regions are obvious. We have created a profile on the social credit network Kiva and we collaborate weekly with hundreds of people and communities around the world. Find out about the initiatives we support.

Environmental Responsibility

Our aim at dinahosting is to be energy-efficient, which is why we develop a technological planning that optimizes all the processes we perform. In addition, through our reuse program we give to social collectives components that we do not use and that are useful for digital literacy, to create jobs and network access in disadvantaged areas...

We collaborate with the Community of Montes de Vincios in the reforestation of A Serra do Galiñeiro (Pontevedra) with native species. Our purpose is to recover the forest ecosystem threatened by fires. Here Here you can check the Association’s latest work in this area.

Environmental Responsibility
Environmental Responsibility

We support entrepreneurship

We contribute Zarpamos offering the participating startups in their acceleration programs, the hosting and the advice they need to start their online project.

We sponsor your ideas

We're very interested in what you're doing and we could even lend a hand. If you have an exciting project in mind or you've been planning itfor a while, get in touch, tell us about it and wewill give you the hosting you need.

Hosting for your NGO

If you belong to a secular organization with a 600,000 €/year turnover or less you may submit your application.


Hosting for R&D&I

Any help towards the promotion of science is welcome. We just want to addour grain of salt.

Hosting for your education community

If you work in an educational institution where its Project Centerallows it, we will enable a hosting for your students.

Hosting for your web

If you're involved in web development, programming, design or the artsin general, we'd love to give you the hosting you need.

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