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Lite VPS

  • Virtual Servers Not Administered by Linux
  • For test environments, pre-production and light workloads
  • VPS Lite I

    • 1 vCPU Processor
    • 1 GB Guaranteed RAM
    • 20 GB Total Size
    • Unlimited transfer
    • SSD Disks
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • VPS Lite II

    • 2 vCPU Processor
    • 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
    • 40 GB Total Size
    • Unlimited transfer
    • SSD Disks
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • VPS Lite III

    • 4 vCPU Processor
    • 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
    • 60 GB Total Size
    • Unlimited transfer
    • SSD Disks
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days

Your VPS with root access at a competitive price

A Lite VPS will enable you to have a customised virtual server Not Administered by Linux, at a lower rate and with enough resources for pre-production and test environments, and for light workloads.
As these models are administered by you, you will be able to fully manage your virtual server and you can set it up to your liking.

Your VPS with root access at a competitive price

Advantages of a Lite VPS Not Administered by Linux.

With dinahosting you will have a customised Control Panel for managing your Lite VPS. You can contact our Technical Assistance team free of charge and we’ll give you a hand with whatever you need.

Root access

As an administrator with root permissions, you can switch off, reboot or reinstall your VPS at any time.

Backups by NFS

Execute backups with ease. We will provide you with sample scripts for your Unadministered virtual server.

Professional Firewall

Additional security for your VPS. You can set up to 10 firewall rules on your server’s connections.

Remote reboot

The server can be hard rebooted in the event of the total loss of control of the VPS.

Optimized network

Connectivity of up to 1 Gbps on a network with redundant connections through 4 separate operators.

Constant monitoring.

Set up the services and ports you wish to monitor and receive email alerts with the results.

Do you need more resources? Upgrade to a VPS with NVMe

If your current project surpasses the limits of a Lite VPS, you can easily migrate to an Unadministered VPS from the standard range with NVMe disks. Our plans are totally flexible, so you can set up a vCPU, RAM memory and disk space depending on your requirements. Once you have registered your VPS, you can also modify your resources from the Control Panel with complete freedom without the need to interrupt your service.

See the VPS with NVMe
Do you need more resources? Upgrade to a VPS with NVMe


Lite VPS are designed for IT technicians and software developers who need an Unadministered VPS with root access. These models deliver the exclusivity and performance inherent to a VPS at a competitive price without the need to engage a high performance model.

In Not Administered Linux Lite VPS you have the following operating systems available: Cent0S, Debian and Ubuntu. In the case of Ubuntu, you will have pre-installed apps : Jitsi for video conferencing, Pritunl for enabling your VPNs, and Nextcloud for saving and handling your files.

It is not possible to modify your Lite VPS. Obtain more resources by upgrading to an advanced Lite VPS plan. Our 24/7 Technical Assistance team will advise you and give you a hand if you need it.

Of course! If VPS Lite no longer meets your needs, you can migrate to a VPS with NVMe disks. Our plans are fully customizable in terms of vCPU, RAM and disk space, so you can configure it to suit you.

All of our services are hosted in data centres in Spain, so that you obtain speedier response times. What’s more, your data will be protected by EU regulations.

An Administered VPS is ideal if you don’t want to concern yourself with technical issues, as the Dinahosting Team administers it for you to make software updates, backups, etc. An Unadministered VPS requires certain administration expertise and is designed for projects with specific software requirements, beta application testing or if you just want to have full control of your server. Although your VPS is Unadministered, our Technical Assistance team is always on the alert to ensure that your connectivity runs at full speed.

We explain the differences in detail here.