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  • Massive data processing at your fingertips
  • Your virtual server with 100% dedicated GPU

    Start testing your advanced applications

    • GPU A2 Dedicated
    • 8 vCPU Processor
    • 16 GB Guaranteed RAM
    • 500 GB Total Size
    • Unlimited transfer
    • SSD Disks
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days

    Projects requiring more processing capacity

    • GPU A2 Dedicated
    • 16 vCPU Processor
    • 32 GB Guaranteed RAM
    • 1 TB Total Size
    • Unlimited transfer
    • SSD Disks
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days

    Your own server for next generation applications

    • GPU A2 Dedicated
    • AMD EPYC 7313P Processor
    • 64 GB RAM
    • 2 TB Total Size
    • Unlimited transfer
    • SSD Disks
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days

Advanced performance at the best price

GPU VPS are the best option if you're looking to test applications with high requirements on a independent virtual machine with a 100% dedicated GPU. This gives you the full processing power of GPU for your SME at a lower cost.

Advanced performance at the best price

Up to 20 times more performance

With GPU processing units you can speed up compute-intensive applications up to 20 times.
This is how a GPU performs versus a CPU in AI data processing:

Artificial vision
Natural language processing
Text to voice
(Tacotron2 + Waveglow)
* Nvidia data for A2 GPU vs. Xeon Gold CPU.

GPU, max processing


GPU have thousands of cores to perform more difficult and specialised calculations on a massively accelerated level. They are different from CPU because they perform more operations in parallel, so more data can be processed at the same time. At dinahosting we have selected the Nvidia A2 GPU models of 16 and 32 GB for our virtual servers.


Our GPU VPS plans are designed for the development of applications that require higher processing capacity: machine learning, artificial intelligence, structural calculations, clinical and statistical analysis, 3D model rendering... and any other activity that requires massive data computation.

Snapshot ofMiguel Alayón

Miguel Alayón

CPD Manager

«There are more and more projects linked to artificial intelligence, machine learning or predictive calculation solutions. That is why it's essential to provide tools to businesses that want to innovate and bet on cutting-edge technologies. Our GPU VPS provide an answer to this need».


Both GPU VPS and GPU Dedicated Servers enable the development of computationally intensive applications and full availability of GPU processors.

GPU VPS plans have limited customisation options in terms of vCPU, RAM and space. However, they don't require a big upfront investment to sign up, allowing a user to bring GPU technology to their project to test its performance.

Instead, GPU servers are designed for developments with higher requirements and which need more flexibility. Its price, therefore, is also a little higher.

The GPU cards of our VPS are dedicated. So, in any of our plans you will be able to enjoy completely independently of the total resources of the GPU card they incorporate.

At the moment we have 2 GPU VPS plans with different number of cores, RAM and space. In each one you can customise its operating system, the type of panel from which to manage it, if you want backups or not, etc.

If you are looking for more customisation options, we recommend you review our selection of GPU Dedicated Servers.

GPU VPS are designed to achieve higher performance and acceleration in massive data processing. This technology is used in machine learning, artificial intelligence, structural and statistical calculations, gaming, 3D rendering, and other applications.

If your developments aren't compatible or don't require this level of performance, we recommend you choose one of our traditional VPS.