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Join our Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program

Recommends dinahosting on your website, blog, RRSS...
Earn 25 % commission

Become a dinahosting affiliate

Earn money recommending dinahosting to everyone: your contacts, social networks, web... as you want! At dinahosting you have the security of recommending quality service in every way .

  • Domains

    You have hundreds of domains available for registration. And at the best price!

  • Hosting

    Linux and Windows solutions, with the best specialized Technical Support 24/7.

  • VPS

    Speed, performance and scalability. Modify his resources in a few seconds.

  • Dedicated Servers

    Enjoy exclusive resources for your project. You choose how to manage it.

The opinions of our affiliates

Find out everything about the Affiliate Program

We tell you all the details to start getting benefits as an Affiliate.

They are all advantages

Joining the dinahosting Affiliate Program will be profitable from the start, even with just one sale!

Without minimum

Earn money from your first sale. There is not a minimum starting volume!

25 % commission

For each contract, you take a commission of 25% from the value of the product.

Control of income

Follow up your earnings in a fast way from your Affiliate Panel.

Together we win

We help you to take full advantage of your account. Write us or call us for free.

What commissions do you get for being an affiliate?

For every purchase of any of these products that is made through your affiliate URL, you get 25 % of its value. Examples based on 1 year of hiring.

  • Domains

    Product Commission
  • Hosting

    Product Commission
  • VPS

    Product Commission
  • Dedicated

    Product Commission

How do I start being an affiliate?

Enter your panel to get your affiliate link and start earning money now. Share your link among your contacts or followers and get commissions for each purchase.

  1. Register

    If you are not a Dinahosting user yet, sign up in a moment.

  2. Enter your Panel

    Access the Control Panel and get your URL as an affiliate. Just one click!

  3. Obtain your URL

    Use your affiliate URL to recommend any of our services.

  4. Earn money

    Get commissions for each sale and manage them from your Affiliate Panel.

Víctor Baños, in the photograph (snapshot), tells us about the dinahosting affiliate program

Víctor Baños

Sales Department

«Efficiency, infrastructure and an excellent customer service are some of the guarantees we offer you when recommending a dinahosting service. Become an affiliate membership now and take advantage!».

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All the information you need to get the most out of the Affiliate Program.

Anyone can be an Affiliate! All you need to do is to register as a dinahosting user. If you already are, you can request your registration in the Program from your Control Panel, accessing Billing, and then Affiliate Program.

If you are not on dinahosting yet, sign up and follow the previous step.

The Affiliate Program includes domains, all Hosting Plans (Mail, Basic, Advanced and Multihosting), Virtual Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers.

The hardware and technical infrastructure that we provide you, together with our 24/7 Technical Support, are the guarantees you need to recommend any of these products with complete confidence.

Once you have registered in the Program and enter your Panel, your Affiliate code will already be visible. You can share it on your website or blog, on your social networks, by email, by SMS, or even by a WhatsApp message.

In the Materials section of the Panel you can download advertising banners to include on your website, which already have your own Affiliate URL incorporated. If you are interested in customizing the URL to differentiate each campaign you make and keeping track of it, do so in the Customize button. For example, you could customize your link for a campaign via SMS and for another via the web, and so you know which one you get the most commissions from and which one you are most interested in promoting.

Beyond this customization, it is not possible to modify or delete your Affiliate link. It will only be permanently removed if you unsubscribe from the Program.

As an Affiliate, you get 25% of the value of each product that you recommend and that the referral registers. That means that for every purchase made through your Affiliate URL you get 25 % commission. In your Control Panel you can check the amount of the benefits you have accumulated.

Keep in mind that the purchases you make with your user account are not counted, so you will not be able to generate self-commissions.

It is very simple! From your Control Panel you have to generate an invoice with the commissions that you are interested in charging. You can do it from the Generate available invoice button. We will automatically receive an invoice issued with your user data, and we will send a copy to your email account. The next business day after submitting your invoice, we will proceed to pay the amount to the account you indicate.

Remember that you can only request the payment of commissions after 60 days from the purchase.