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When you register a domain, the registration data join a public database called Whois. It stores information regarding the extension:owner,domain registration and expiration dates, associated DNS servers, etc.

The public data of a domain contains information of its different contacts: owner (or holder), administration, billing and Technical details. The names of the servers linked to it are also listed.

These data can be verified on multiple Internet sites, including ours,through a Whois search engine. In compliance with ICANN regulations (global generic domain regulator), data provided must always be real , although there may besome legal exceptions, which is why not all contacts are listed.

ICANN's goal is to ensure that Whois contact details are real, as it upholds this principle to facilitate the administration of domains between registrarsand, above all, so that the registrar is always contactable foradministrative and legal effects. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your information up to date. Your domain may be suspended temporarily or even cancelled if you can’t demonstrate ownership

If you don't want to make your data publicly visible, you can hire the Whois Protection service we offer you. Dinahosting will work as an intermediary agent in your communications and your information will not be shown

The Whois Protection service we offer you at dinahostingallow hides the personal details linked to your domain , so that your privacy is maintained. If you contract this service, the following details will be shown publicly:

  • Registrant Contact:
  • Whois Privacy Protection
  • Whois SL Privacy
  • AP 570
  • Santiago de Compostela Coruña, A
  • 15080 es
  • Tel: +34.627089328

You can hire it when registering your domain or, later, from the Domains application in your Control Panel.

Remember you still hold your domain’ s legal property and the responsibility.Whois Protection guarantees you the privacy of your details against malicious use by third parties, but under no circumstanceThis exempts you from complying with the current regulations.

First, check that you have verified the ownership of your domain . One of the reasons why it may appear in this state is because in that domain the contact registrar has not been verified. To do so, confirm your details through an email that will sent to your account email. Your domain will be operational again within a few minutes.

Another CLIENT_HOLD reason may be a pending payment on thedomain. If you have any doubts, please contact our sales department through

Yes, but depending on the type of domain there may be some limitations on changing the contact recorder. For example, the .es domains require the submission of documentation to carry out what ESNIC (the organisation that manages Internet domains in Spain) calls Domain Name Transmission.

For most extensions you will be able to update the information from the Domains section of your Control Panel.

With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Registry of the .ES domain has applied updates to its Whois policy, so that neither the contact email, telephone number or address address, among other data, are currently listed in the Whois.