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Resellers Program: resell domains and hosting

Ideal for development agencies and companies
Enjoy great volume discounts

Become a Reseller

Become a Reseller! There are a lot of advantages

Whether you already sell domains and web hosting or if you just want to get started in the business, you need a Reseller plan like this one. We offer you a quality infrastructure, customizable brand and, fundamentally, a technical support 100 % committed to your agency or development company.

The best rates

This is serious! At dinahosting we have the market’ s most competitive prices. Check it out now!

Quality product

Our infrastructure guarantees the best service. We care about innovation and quality.

Own Brand complete

Add your logo, your colors, your support contact details... It is really easy to customize them!

1-click autoinstallable

Set up shops, blogs, forums or galleries easily. Select, one click and voilà!: your APP on the move.

Your exclusive tool

Find out what happens in your business! All the information about your services in your Reseller Control Panel.

Access to secure API

All automated actions: activation, renewal and configuration of services using our API.

Become a Reseller

Resell domains and hosting with guarantees

Everything you need to make your clients' website fast and secure.

Maximum speed and performance

All our hosting plans include Full NVMe disks and are hosted in Data Centers in Spain. We also always provide you with the latest versions of PHP.

Your web more secure

You enjoy free backups of your hosting for the last 30 days, so you can restore your files, mail or database. In addition, all plans include a SSL certificate already pre-installed.

Free Migration

If you want, we can migrate your website or that of your clients to dinahosting completely free of charge, you don't have to do anything. Call us for free at 900 854 000 or write us by mail or chat and we will review it.

More than 400 domain extensions

With each domain you get a free email account and access to our Webmail. We also provide you with unlimited web redirections, domain parking service, DNS manager...

Trial hosting

Develop the website of your clients and do not pay for hosting or domain until it is ready to publish. With test hosting you can try for free all the features of the hosting plan.

24/7 support and Help content

We are here to advise you and to help you get the most out of your Reseller account. You can also take a look at our Help page, where you have the answers to the most common queries.

Select your Reseller plan

The Prepaid system allows you to buy a voucher, by advance payment, that you use to register and renew domains from your Control Panel. With the Evolution mode, for domains and hosting, you improve your prices as your number of services increases. You can combine both modalities and benefit from the one that interests you the most at all times.

Prepaid mode for Domains

Choose your Reseller bonus and save by selling our domains.

*These prices do not include the possible promotions in force in Domains. Access the updated prices here.
Become a Reseller

Evolution mode for Domains and Hosting

Get better prices as you grow as a Reseller. We automatically apply the discounts that correspond to you according to your category. Save and don't worry!

*These prices do not include the possible promotions in force in Domains and Hosting. Access the updated prices here.

How to sign up and start selling

See how easy it is to register as a dinahosting Reseller. It will be completely free and will not take you more than a few minutes.

  1. Register

    If you are not yet, register in a moment as a dinahosting user, as an individual, freelancer or company.

  2. Fill a form

    Fill out this simple form. It will help us to know what you expect and what your needs are as a Reseller.

  3. We contact you

    Our sales team will contact you to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

  4. And start selling!

    Choose your mode of reselling domains and hosting, depending on your customers and your growth forecast.

We will propose four choices for sales: depending on how big you want your business to grow one will suit you better than another. There is a range from the most straightforward, with no in-house sales platform, to the most advanced.

Direct purchase

The easiest starting point. As a Reseller Evolution, as you receive orders, you contract services at dinahosting and provide them to your clients. It does not require any initial investment.

Custom server

Buy a VPS or a Multihosting and create your own hosting plans for your clients, configuring their vCPU, RAM and custom disk space. Combine it with a Prepaid bonus to sell domains.

Public API

Develop your own domain sales and management platform taking advantage of all the power of our API. You will be able to elaborate your commercial policy and sell directly from your interface.

WHMCS module

Register and manage the domains that you take out with dinahosting on the interface of the WHMCS platform from our specific module. Third-party option for automating your sales.

Complete White Label for your business

It is clear to us: it is your business, it is your services, it is your brand. Thanks to our Reseller Program you will be able to work in a customizable environment, from including your logo or modifying styles to completely programming the panels for your clients.

Corporate customization

Corporate customization

Fully customize the desktop’ s panel version. Add your own corporate colors. Save and refresh your modifications the times you want! Would you rather have your own panels? Download the file with the PHP code, upload the scripts and we will help you with the implementation.

Panel Information

Corporate Webmail

Customize the appearance of the Webmail that your clients will use: logo, colors, footer text...
Webmail is an exclusive solution from dinahosting. It includes advanced features for your clients to maximize their email.

Corporate customization

Custom DNS

Register the domains you resell with DNS based on the name of your project.
All our services are designed to be offered with your corporate identity.

Panel Information

Panel Information

Include your contact details, header text, panel footer text, and personalized copyright.
Your customer can easily contact you!

Find out everything about the Reseller Program

Solve all your doubts. We summarize the process to be a Reseller and what advantages our Program offers you.

They trust us

Snapshot ofVíctor Baños

Víctor Baños

Sales Department

«At dinahosting you can create and customize an exclusive environment to develop your business with all the peace of mind you need».


Yes, you don't need to meet any prerequisites other than being dinahosting user. You can register as a Reseller as an individual, as a freelancer or as a company.

The profiles that usually join our Resellers program are advertising and communication agencies, professional freelancers from the web world, companies that want to launch their own web hosting brand... Here you have more information about who is interested in being a Reseller of dinahosting with examples and practical information.

It's easy! You don't need to meet any prior conditions or make any advanced payments If you want, you can start today!

You send us your request and we contact you to advise on the best options for you.

With Evolution plan improve your prices according to the number of services you have. For example, if you have 35 domains and 20 hostings you would have Reseller Gold prices for domains and Reseller Silver prices for hostings. Ah! And remember: you also save money on your hiring hostings a Multihosting, Dedicated Servers or VPS

The Prepaid mode consists in buying a voucher that then you use to register domains. Depending on the voucher, (200, 500 or 1000 €) you apply different prices, regardless of the domains you have.

Of course! For example, you could be Bronze Reseller for domains and Gold for hosting. You will evolve in category the more services you contract with dinahosting. More category more discount!

If any of your clients communicate with our technical support requesting help, we will contact you to inform you. Your confidentiality is paramount!

Please note that the Reseller plan is intended to resell our services and it is only possible to invoice the data associated with the main profile. If you need to modify them, contact us.

You'll be able to access from and from a personalized URL aswell , as long as you have a GlobalSign security certificate. You can activate this option whenever you want from your Reseller Control Panel.

Of course! You'll have access to exclusive tools we've developed for you to make the most of your business. From your Reseller Control Panel you can perform a complete corporate customization of the White Label panel that you offer to your customers: colours, image, background... for both Desktop and Alternative versions.

And, additionally, your Control Panel allows you to:

  •  Manage and control your sales, invoices and information
  •  Manage FTP access, DNS, domain parking...
  •  Customize renewals, DNS and Whois, mail templates and the templates of documents we provide you.
  •  If you have a Managed Server (VPS, Dedicated or Cloud), you can create customized hosting plans for your clients.

Of course! Webmail is another own and exclusive tool that we make available to our Resellers. Include your business logo in Webmail, modify the title and footer text, or add a URL to offer support and help. Here you have more information on how to customize your clients' Webmail.

Of course! From the moment you send us your request we will contact you to inform you of all the possibilities you have to start and grow as a Reseller.

Our intention is that we develop a long-term relationship in which we will provide 24/7 Support via phone, email or chat to .

In addition, you have a Help page in which you have the answers to the most common questions.

Being a Reseller consists of buying domains and/or hosting from dinahosting so that you can then sell these services to your own clients, under your own brand and prices. It is very common for agencies, development companies and professionals from the web world to become dinahosting Resellers.

However, being an Affiliate is a way to earn money by recommending dinahosting products to third parties on your blog, on your website, via social networks... or simply among your circle of contacts. For each product that someone buys thanks to your recommendation, you earn a commission of 25%. If you have a website or blog specialized in a specific niche, or you make product comparisons on your page, being an Affiliate can be a good opportunity to earn extra income on the Internet.

Find out here all the differences between being a Reseller and an Affiliate and what suits you best.

The dinahosting Points Program will be very useful for you to save money on your future purchases. For every € 50 of purchase you make at dinahosting we give you 1 point, which is equivalent to € 1, and that you can use in future purchases or renewals of dinahosting services. In the event that the points cover the total amount of the invoice, you would no longer have to pay anything. If they don't reach you to make the full payment, we can deduct the points you have in order to reduce the bill and pay less.

Points are credited to your Control Panel at the end of each quarter. It is not necessary to activate or request them, the Points Program is active by default from the moment you create your user at dinahosting. As soon as you have accumulated points, they will appear directly in the cart, so you can choose whether to spend them on that purchase or save them for later.

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