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Resell quality hosting and domains

Resell quality hosting and domains

Become a Reseller and enjoy great discounts
Complete white label: customize your image

  • Create my business
  • Save on hostings and domains
  • Personalization

Become a Reseller! There are a lot of advantages

Whether you already sell domains and web hosting or you want to get started in the business, you need a Reseller plan like this. We offer you quality infrastructure, a customisable brand and, very important, professional and reliable technical support.

The best rates

This is serious! At dinahosting we have the market’ s most competitive prices. Check it out!

Quality product

Our infrastructure guarantees the best service. We care about innovation and quality.

Own Brand complete

Add your logo, your colors, your support contact details... It is really easy to customize them!

1-click autoinstallable

Set up shops, blogs, forums or galleries easily. Select, one click and Voilà!: you are app on the move.

Your exclusive tool

Find out what's going on in your business! All the information of your services in your Reseller Control Panel.

Access to secure API

All actions: activation, renewal and configuration of services using our API.

Become a Reseller

Come to dinahosting!

Register your domain now and we will give you an email account. With your transfer, get 3 months of free hosting and one year of Whois Protection. We migrate your website for free. Enjoy a 30 days warranty with your Hostings and VPS registration and if they do not meet your needs, we will refund your money.

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Select your Reseller plan

The Prepaid system allows you to buy a voucher, by advance payment, that you use to register and renew domains from your Control Panel. With the Evolution mode, for domains and hosting, you improve your prices as your number of services increases.

Pre-payment plan

Choose your Reseller voucher and save by selling our services.

  • + 14% off

    Prepayment 200

    12 14 €
      Voucher of 200 € for registering and renewing domains, with discounts from the 14 %.

    Become a Reseller
  • + 21% off

    Prepayment 500

    11 14 €
      Voucher of 500 € for registering and renewing domains, with discounts from the 21 %.

    Become a Reseller
  • + 47% off

    Prepayment 1000

    7,32 € 14 €
      Voucher of 1000 € for registering and renewing domains, with discounts from the 47 %.

    Become a Reseller

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Evolution plan

Get better prices as you grow as a Reseller.

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And start selling now!

How? We propose three options, which depending on your business will suit you better. We offer a range that goes from the simplest, with no own sales platform, to the most advanced option.

  • Direct purchase at DH

    The easiest starting point. You can hire services at dinahosting as you receive orders which you then provide to your clients.

  • Public API

    Develop your own platform by harnessing the full power of our API. In your own way and in your preferred programming language.

  • Sell with HostBill and AWBS

    Do you use any of these managers? No problem! The dinahosting moduleis integrated by default into the HostBill and AWBS system.

We'll help you to start your business. Contact us!

We have the best 24x7 support team available to advise you on your project.

Snapshot ofVíctor Baños

Víctor Baños

Sales Department

«At dinahosting you can create and customize an exclusive environment to develop your business with all the peace of mind you need».

Our partners

We are partners with CISCO, Dell and other registries that support our work.


All the information you need to make the most of your domain and hosting business.

It's easy! You don't need to meet any prior conditions or make any advanced payments If you want, you can start today!

You send us your request and we contact you to advise on the best options for you.

With Evolution plan improve your prices according to the number of services you have. For example, if you have 35 domains and 20 hostings you would have Reseller Gold prices for domains and Reseller Silver prices for hostings. Ah! And remember: you also save money on your hiring hostings a Multihosting, Dedicated Servers or VPS

The Prepaid mode consists in buying a voucher that then you use to register domains. Depending on the voucher, (200, 500 or 1000 €) you apply different prices, regardless of the domains you have.

If any of your clients communicate with our technical support requesting help, we will contact you to inform you. Your confidentiality is paramount!

Please note that the Reseller plan is intended to resell our services and it is only possible to invoice the data associated with the main profile. If you need to modify them, contact us.

You'll be able to access from and from a personalized URL aswell , as long as you have a GlobalSign security certificate. You can activate this option whenever you want from your Reseller Control Panel.

Of course! You'll have access to exclusive tools we've developed for you to make the most of your business. From your Reseller Control Panel you can perform a complete corporate customization of the white label panel that you offer to your customers: colours, image, background... for both Desktop and Alternative versions.

And, additionally, your Control Panel allows you to:

  •  Manage and control your sales, invoices and information
  •  Manage FTP access, DNS, domain parking...
  •  Customize renewals, DNS and Whois, mail templates and the templates of documents we provide you.
  •  If you have a Managed Server (VPS, Dedicated or Cloud), you can create customized hosting plans for your clients.