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Success cases

Success cases

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With 15 years of experience in Lead to Revenue Management, Walmeric is a leader in offering technology and methodology for treating leads. It offers the possibility of unifying lead tracking, lead scoring, attribution and conversion of leads in the same solution, thus achieving global visibility. It currently has a solid client portfolio, including Ibex35, EuroStoxx50 and FTSE100 companies from sectors as diverse as banking, insurance, energy or telecommunications.

As a company with a clear culture of agility and partnership-oriented with our clients' business, it is essential for us to have high availability, security and integrity of the information we process. We also need efficient support in the deployment of our new products, and detailed management and control of our infrastructure.

José Antonio Torres

CTO of Walmeric

The challenge

Walmeric has been entrusting dinahosting for more than 8 years with the creation of its technological infrastructure, using our Advanced Solutions and Unmanaged Servers. Given the magnitude of its infrastructure, it also needed additional security with redundant balancing that would allow it to decentralize its services in different locations, thus achieving a more severe high availability.


The result

After analyzing several scenarios, at dinahosting we managed to create for Walmeric a redundant balancing of its infrastructure in our second Data Center , Global Switch. In an initial phase, this DPC has six racks and 15 kilowatts of reserved power, with access to greater power and space as demand grows. Thanks to the double fiber optic redundant connectivity that we configure in this process, we can treat this second CPD as an extension of the main one, Interxion, but without losing independence in all aspects.

Dinahosting provides us with high quality and performance servers, with the key components to provide an efficient and flexible service. Support and supply work quickly and efficiently, with flexibility for operations outside of production hours. Its commercial and sales processes allow us to operate in a collaborative format for projects of specific significance. Likewise, the characteristics of its DPC guarantee us maximum security in the chain of our suppliers to our clients.

José Antonio Torres

CTO of Walmeric

Link Mobility

LINK Mobility is the leading provider in Europe of mobile communications services (CPaaS, Communication Platform as a service). It is specialized in mobile messaging channels (SMS, RCS, WhatsApp), digital services and intelligent use of data. With a history of more than 20 years and 40,000 clients, its human team is made up of more than 650 people in 28 offices in 18 countries. The headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway. Among its client portfolio are international firms such as DHL, Ikea, ISS, Jysk or Siemens.

Link Mobility Spain was born from the acquisition of several companies in the sector present in Spain. The strategy of migration and consolidation of assets and infrastructures distributed in several data centers was a critical point in achieving the objectives set by the parent company in Norway. We have been working with dinahosting for many years, and given that they have always been a strategic partner that has helped us achieve our goals, we chose to have practically all of our infrastructures in Spain in their data centers.

Ismael Giner

Head of Operations

The challenge

LINK Mobility has been relying on dinahosting since 2011. When they proposed to migrate their entire technological infrastructure to our data centers, we got down to work. Thanks to our Advanced Solutions service, we have provided our client with external connections for their private network with special providers, unmanaged servers, private Cloud with VMWare and Housing, among other services.


The result

After migrating its infrastructure to dinahosting, LINK Mobility has achieved the objectives that had been set: improvement in margins, optimization of costs in communications and infrastructures and improvement of security levels and service offered to its customers.
In addition, they have continued to bet on the development of new solutions developed entirely in Spain, such as digital identity verification, which allows them to continue betting on innovation and complement the services offered by their parent company.

Rede Aberta

Rede Aberta is a neutral telecommunications operator, which is deploying an ultra-fast fiber optic network to promote the digitization of rural Galicia. They aim to reach more than 400,000 homes by 2025 with a planned investment of more than 121 million euros.
In addition, Rede Aberta has a strong commitment to the Environment and sustainability, guaranteeing compliance with best practices at all times and causing the least possible impact on the environment.

The location in Interxion is essential for connectivity with local operators, which are an important lung for Rede Aberta, and also with national operators, which have a presence in Interxion.
Given that Rede Aberta currently does not have its own staff located in Madrid and Interxion is a critical point in the network, we need total quality control of it. Being in a dinahosting room allows us to have remote hands as if they were our own.
Additionally, dinahosting offers us a location service that can be fully adapted to our needs at all times. This flexibility fits very well to Rede Aberta since we are a company in constant growth.

Pere Antentas

CEO Rede Aberta

The challenge

Rede Aberta needed to host its communications equipment in a secure and reliable Data Center, and have the support of a technical team of systems and networks always available 24 hours a day. day, 365 days a year.
They also needed guaranteed redundant connectivity and minimal latencies for higher speeds at all times.


The result

After meeting with Rede Aberta and seeing their needs, we recommend the Housing service to create their technological infrastructure in our Data Centers in Madrid:

  • They have saved between 70 and 85 % of the time on installing and racking their hardware by leaving it to us
  • They have increased the security of their infrastructure by having monthly interventions carried out by our team without having to travel to the site
  • They have an all-inclusive payment method, where transfer billing, consumption, external connectivity and remote hands are grouped together
  • They enjoy 2 Data Centers to provide their infrastructure
  • Significant cost savings, since they can expand their infrastructure on demand without having to oversize it

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