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Add an SSL Certificate to your website

Encrypted and secure communications
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Protect your website with a SSL Certificate

Digital certificates guarantee that the information that travels between your website and your visitors is always encrypted and protected against data theft.

Let's Encrypt and GlobalSign

We offer both free Lets Encrypt certificates already installed as well as certificates from the globally trusted GlobalSign seal. Choose yours!

Your certificate works like this

It's recognized because it uses https://, padlock or a green bar. The browser asks the server for a copy before starting the connection.

Set up included!

If you have your web page in DH we will install the certificate without additional cost. Moreover, we could evaluate the creation of a dedicated IP.

Security for your web

SHA-256 encryption and 2048-bit RSA keys encrypt and protect communications between your visits and your website, preventing data theft.

For your eCommerce

A certificate will be essential if you handle banking data: account numbers, credit cards...

Your mail and chat with webmail

Aunque te recomendamos que uses certificados GlobalSign, si ya tienes uno, lo instalamos rápidamente por ti. Contact support.

Let's Encrypt and GlobalSign SSL certificates

Encrypt communications so that your visitors enjoy a safe environment: to shop, to handle personal details, to browse on an intranet...Ensure your website looks trustworthy.

Let's Encrypt and GlobalSign SSL certificates
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«An SSL certificate is an essential piece in your website’s security. Protect your customers' transactions and data through a fast and simple process.».


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that verifies the identity of a website and encrypts communications so that information travels safely and confidentially. This prevents that someone can obtaining the users personal data or bank details from a website or e-commerce in the case that communication between the client and the server was intercepted.

In addition to proving your identity and giving confidence to your customers, Google favours a better positioning of pages with SSL. As noted long ago, its algorithm will reward Websites that use a secure connection.

Payment certificates not only encrypt the exchange of information between your visits and your website, also guarantee that you have passed the validation requirements that prove your domain use rights and even prove the existence and identity of your company. In addition, you have the option of including a trust mark on your website for a greater security, and they offer a financial compensation in the case of an incident with the encryption.

GlobalSign is our main partner for certification. We recommend it for its quality and its compatibility with almost 100 % of browsers.

No. The encryption of an SSL certificate acts on the data exchanges that take place on your website, but not on the website itself. Trojans, shells, phishing content ... are some of the most common threats, and have nothing to do with whether the web is protected by an SSL certificate.

TLS is an updated and more secure version of the SSL protocol. Although the most popular term when we talk about security certificates is still SSL because it is the predecessor, at dinahosting we use the TLS protocol on all our servers.

SSL certificates not only verify that your website is trusted by visitors, but also promote its organic positioning. Today, they are one more factor to consider when organizing Google search results, which improves the position of those websites that use a secure connection using https.

If you already have an SSL certificate installed in your hosting, we recommend that you force secure browsing through https directly from your web application. In case your application does not have this option, you can do it from your Panel Control

Expanding your certificate would imply unsubscribing the current one and hiring a new one. Therefore, it is convenient that you take your time to make a good choice. You can call us free at 900 854 000 if you have any questions.