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Buy the best WordPress Hosting

Buy the best WordPress Hosting

  • Your fastest website with NVMe disks, Varnish Caché, PHP 8.0...
  • The most complete auto-installer.
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • -50%

    Hosting APP WordPress

    Your best start in WordPress

    from 2 ,25  € /month
    • 50 GB Storage
    • Unlimited transfer
    • 20 E-mail accounts and chat
    • The most complete self-installer
    • SSL and Free backups
    • FTP and SSH
    • NVMe SSD disks
    • Try it for free and pay when you publish your website
    • Varnish Cache
    • Your WordPress in a shared plan
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • -50%

    Hosting Pro WordPress

    For high performance projects

    from 4 ,95  € /month
    • 100 GB Storage
    • Unlimited transfer
    • Unlimited email and chat accounts
    • The most complete self-installer
    • SSL and Free backups
    • FTP and SSH+Git
    • NVMe SSD disks
    • Try it for free and pay when you publish your website
    • Varnish Cache
    • Your WordPress in a shared plan
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • WordPress VPS

    Up to 25 websites on your server, and more!

    from 48 ,00  € /month
    • 40GB Storage
    • Unlimited transfer
    • Unlimited email and chat accounts
    • The most complete self-installer
    • SSL and backups
    • FTP and SSH +Git
    • NVMe SSD disks
    • Try it for free and pay when you publish your website
    • Varnish Cache
    • Your WordPress on your own server
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
    • Varnish

Start your website on WordPress

Web hosting for WordPress with the best conditions: optimized performance, the most complete auto-installer and all the features and resources you need. Configuration is very easy, but if you prefer it, we can help you right away.

  • The best auto-installer

    Vitaminado de serie. Lo hemos diseñado para que tu web vuele y te ahorres tiempo en las configuraciones iniciales.

  • Superior Performance

    The fastest WordPress Hosting: servers with NVMe SSD, Varnish Cache, PHP 8.0 and HTTP/2. Enjoy it all!

  • Free SSL Certificate

    Protect communication between your visitors and your website, avoiding data theft. Let's Encrypt for free already pre-installed!

  • Automatic Backup

    Automatically access your files’ daily backup, databases, email accounts...

  • 24/7 specialized Support

    We support you in your language every day of the year, via chat, mail or phone. Call us for free!

  • Free Migration

    We migrate your WordPress for you. And with your domain transfer, you get 3 months of shared hosting for free.

  • Extra security with WAF

    Keep malicious traffic away from your WordPress. WAF works like a firewall so your page doesn't get infected.

  • Commands for WordPress

    With WP-CLI you can execute almost all the options that WordPress offers you from a command line.

  • Spanish IP

    Our Data Centre is located here. Enjoy a faster and better ranked website.

Optimized WordPress with the most complete auto-installer

And it will save you a lot of time. Configure and publish your WordPress easily and quickly with our auto-installer. We have enhanced it with all these tools for a simpler and more efficient management of your website.

Image of hosting wordpress
  • Your WordPress completely secured

  • Antispam System Included

  • Image Optimizer ready to use

  • Varnish Cache and configured cache purging system

  • Built-in Plugins for On-Page SEO

  • With browser cache and minification settings

  • No unnecessary plugins or sample content

  • Classic editor enabled by default

  • Adjusted to three revisions per entry

  • Modification of Database prefix

  • Extra headers for much more safety

  • Limitation of the frequency of Cron execution

  • Automatic update of plugins and themes

Your Hosting hosted in Spain

Our hostings and servers have Spanish IP so that you get faster response speed and better your SEO positioning.
By choosing dinahosting, your data will also be protected by European regulations.

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Free Disinfection and Safety Reports

With our disinfection and monitoring services we make sure that your WordPress hosting is always ready.
We take care of cleaning up any vulnerability of your hosting and we will notify you of any security breach.

Do you need advice?

We offer you the best hosting on the market and help you get the most out of it. Test us!

Iván Expósito, in the photograph, talks about the dinahosting WordPress Hosting

Iván Expósito

Support Department

«WordPress is the world’s most popular tool CMS, so it is our responsibility to make it a reliable, secure and as usable as possible.».

And also at dinahosting...

You get the leading WordPress Hosting with the best tools.


All the information you need to make the most of your hosting.

WordPress is the content manager for the web most widely used, and it will allow you to set up your website or blog quickly and easily. It stands out for its scalability, security, and ease of use, thanks to the large community of developers who contribute to improving the performance of the platform.

By buying your WordPress Hosting you will have a wide repository of templates adapted to all devices, a multitude of plugins that add extra functionality and a website with a source code format oriented to SEO positioning in search engines.

At dinahosting you have 3 WordPress Hosting plans with NVMe adapted to your needs.

  • Hosting APP WordPress: for simple websites. It incorporates 20 email accounts, 50 GB of space and unlimited transfer.
  • Hosting Pro WordPress: for websites that need more resources. It offers unlimited email accounts, 100 GB of space! And also unlimited transfer.
  • WordPress VPS: you can mount up to 25 websites on your server. This plan has unlimited email accounts, 40 GB of space and unlimited transfer.

Also, with your contract you can enjoy the most complete auto-installer that will save you time in initial configurations and the Disinfection and Security Reports Service with your Optimized WordPress.

Our Optimized WordPress auto-installer is designed to increase the performance and security of your WordPress website, and especially to save you time in initial settings .

Includes: Varnish Cache and configured cache purging system, complete security of your WordPress, antispam system, deletion of plugins and sample content, image optimizer, SEO On Page plugins, browser cache and minification configurations, latest version of PHP, Free SSL and HTTP / 2.

When you register a WordPress Hosting in dinahosting you have the option to choose between the Optimized and the standard version. You will need the Optimized WordPress if you have a medium or low technical profile and want to save as much time as possible in the initial settings of your project. Our auto-installer incorporates some improvements in performance and security that will come in handy: antispam system, image optimizer, Vanish Cache, plugins for SEO, etc. Take a look!

On the contrary, if you are interested in establishing all the settings of your WordPress on your own, stay with the standard option, the one that WordPress has by default. It is intended for profiles with knowledge in the field of design and programming who want to customize their application 100%.

Thanks to our specialized technical support team, you can monitor and keep your WordPress free of malware. We put at your disposal:

  • A Technical Advisory Service that includes security auditing, associated domain change and modification of routes, HTTPS compatibility service, staging environment and customized backup service.
  • Disinfections and Security Reports. We keep your hosting clean and safe from any malware: complete review of your hosting and cleaning of any vulnerability and update of your CMS. At the end you will receive a detailed report with the work done.

Enjoy this free service in your Optimized WordPress. Here is more information.

If you have lost your password, don't worry, you have several possibilities to recover it.

The first one is very simple, enter the access panel of your WordPress, normally and you will find a link with the legend Forgot your password? Click and retrieve it.

Another possibility is to go to the Control Panel, accessing the Hosting WordPress area. Enter Self-Installable Apps and in the Installed area you can change the password.

Varnish is a caching system that works by showing the visitor a copy of the contents of your website . This reduces the number of requests to the server and the loading time of the pages.

If your WordPress receives high levels of traffic, Varnish is the accelerator you need to increase the performance of your WordPress. Start enjoying it.

If you have registered any of our WordPress plans, you have a 30-day guarantee period to cancel the contract. We will refund your amount in balance that you can exchange for other dinahosting products or we will refund your money directly in the payment method you used to make the purchase.