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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

  • Set up your Dedicated Server to your needs
  • The best Dedicated with Spanish IP

Your Dedicated Server fits your need

Buy a quality Dedicated Server and start enjoying resources exclusive to your project: more performance, more power, more speed. We deliver it in less than 24 hours and you have up to 15 days to make up your mind. If you are not convinced, you can get a full refund.


Your Dedicated Server includes free

These are some reasons that will make you want to buy your Dedicated Server at dinahosting.

The best network

Your Dedicated with unlimited 1Gbps transfer and hosted in CPD with the latest advances in security and connectivity.

Great quality servers

Elegimos solo servidores de calidad con hardware Dell y NetApp. ¡Disponibles opciones con NVMe!

All OS

A range of options: Linux, Unix and all versions of Windows Server even for virtualization.

Program it as you desire

Use the programming language and BBDD of your choice and create templates to display dozens of installable apps.

Real time stats

Access to the statistics of your Dedicated from the Panel, segmented by services and even by hosting.

Your Dedicated located here

Spanish IP and the best 24/7 support in the world. We help you bring your portfolio of services to dinahosting!

NVMe disks incredibly fast!

Our Dedicated Intel NVMe includes NVMe disks, which significantly improve the response time of your website. NVMe is ideal for covering virtualization needs and hosting large volume databases or applications with large disk write rates.

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Select your Dedicated Server plan

Choose the leading Dedicated Server. We have Managed and Non-Managed Dedicated with maximum reliability and security for each of your projects.


We manage the server for you while enjoying the easiest and most complete Control Panel on the market.

Configure your customized hostings. 50 starter licenses! Establish access profiles and your own security protocol with 2form auth, geolocation...

Your favourite technology to work with, programming languages and databases, dozens of web applications at the click of a mouse: WordPress, PrestaShop, Moodle...

We give you a package of advanced mail tools with encrypted by account ... and additionally backups selfservice as comfortable.


Manage it yourself with root privileges, enjoying the better hardware and network conditions.

All servers include KVM over IP to administer your server under any circumstance. You can also install the operating system you want from an ISO and restart by KVM / power cut. All control for you.

A free dinaLoader and useful tool for performing advanced administration tasks. You also have load balancers completely free!

In addition, you can create NFS Backups, LAN for your servers and professional firewall rules. Also, panels Plesk and cPanel available.

Come to dinahosting!

Register your domain now and we will give you an email account. With your transfer, get 3 months of free hosting and one year of Whois Protection. We migrate your website for free. Enjoy a 30 days warranty with your Hostings and VPS registration and if they do not meet your needs, we will refund your money.

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More for your Dedicated Server

Your Dedicated Server much more complete with these extra services.

  • SSL GlobalSign certificates

    It encrypts your website navigation and it guarantees a safe environment for your visitors. Indispensable!

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  • Centralize your files!

    Your centralized files, with as much disk storage as you want, and unlimited transfer.

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  • Email Plus and Cloud Suite

    Your affordable mail solution with groupware and exchange type functionalities integrated.

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Your Dedicated hosted in Spain

Our hostings and servers have Spanish IP so that you get faster response speed and better your SEO positioning.
By choosing dinahosting, your data will also be protected by European regulations.

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All you need and more in you Dedicated. Call us!

The safest Dedicated Servers and with the best support team available for you 24x7.

Snapshot ofRubén Tubío

Rubén Tubío

Project Manager

«For hardware quality, connectivity and reliability we have for sure the Best Dedicated Servers on the market.».


All the information you need to make the most out of your Dedicated Server.

Our Panel features an exclusive design. All tools have been specifically designed by our Development Team with the aim Of suiting your needs. You won't find any Control Panel like this in the market.

No problem. You can install any operating system through the KVM / IP functionality included with your server. Contact our support department if you need help.

Of course! You can request up to two additional IP addresses, without any extra cost.
We have full confidence in our technological infrastructure and to prove it, we've developed a service agreement that provides for the following compensation in the event of non-compliance:
  • Unavailable network 0,1 % → 5 % of refund of monthly payment
  • Unavailable network 1 % → 25 % of refund of monthly payment
  • Unavailable network 2 % → 50 % of refund of monthly payment
  • Unavailable network 4 % → 75 % of refund of monthly payment
  • Unavailable network 10 % → 100 % of refund of monthly payment
From the Control Panel of your Non-Managed Dedicated you will have the option to restart the server via DRAC (remote management) or via APC (terminal strip)smart power strip).
You will be able to access via KVM to connect remotely, even if the server has disconnected from the network! We include KVM access in all our Dedicated Servers, completely free of charge.