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We are dinahosting

We are dinahosting

With you, the best team
Always available by phone, email and chat

Your web hosting and domain option

At dinahosting we've been offering you everything you need since 2001 so thatyou can develop your project on the Internet with guarantees.

We are dinahosting.

With you we are leaders

Because it’s you brought us here. It has been thanks to your trust and to 145,000 other people like that we've become leaders of the sector, remaining totally independent of national or foreign investment groups.
Take a look at how we've grown over the years and some of our recent media appearances.

Always with high level evolution

We're continually training and evolving to help you challenges. We have been working for many years in accordance with the international standards of ICANN and Verisign domains, Cisco, IBM or Dell hardware and many others such as Microsoft, Xen and LPIC for software.

  • We help you with whatever you need

    We want to reply to your queries you in record time, at any time of the day, , through whatever medium is most comfortable for you and in your language.

  • We develop everything for you

    Our solutions are unique and based on self-development. Why depend on third parties if we can give you everything you ask for?

  • Because you are looking for quality

    We're fully convinced that you prefer us to set up high quality servers. And that we offer a modern and safe CPD as well as the best network infrastructure.

The difference is in our quality

We are the leading independent company in hosting and domains thanks to you.

We have been in this for more than 20 years, getting excited and learning from your successes.

All our tools are unique because we develop them as a team.

We are from here, like you. We are close to help you achieve your goals.

We love you tell us when we make a mistake, because we can improve.

We use latest generation hardware, guaranteed for life!

At dinahosting the fundamental thing is you and your project.

We are dinahosting.

Who we are

The more than 120 people who are part of the staff work hand in hand every day to offer the best response to your needs for hosting, digitization, infrastructure ... We each do our bit from experience, but also with our eyes put into innovation and development. Little by little, we are growing and evolving at the same time as your projects and ideas.

Values that differentiate us

We contribute everything that is in our hands to achieve the goals that you propose with your project.

Always by your side

We are close to you to help you with whatever you need 24/7 without complications, in a direct, practical and simple way.

Constant evolution

We listen to our clients to offer our own developments and tailor-made solutions with all the guarantees and the highest quality.

Innovation at your fingertips

We are committed to cutting-edge technology from the best brands and we incorporate it into our services so that you are the first to enjoy it.

Trust and safety

We test all our solutions to guarantee the highest levels of security and connectivity so that your project is always protected and available.


This has been our evolution in recent years.


2001 A group of entrepreneurs gives life to dinaweb, a web design company, and precursor of dinahosting. In that same year dinahosting was born, a web hosting and domains company.

2003 We migrated our technological infrastructure from the US to Madrid.

2005 We launched Skype as a contact method, being the first European company to do so.

2006 We were accredited by ICANN, being one of the first companies in Spain to achieve it. We are the first hosting company to launch a television spot and offer a free customer service phone number.

2007 We move our servers to Interxion, Madrid where they are currently located. Our workforce increases considerably and we moved offices to a much larger one.

2009 We reached the figure of 50,000 clients and a business growth of more than 30%. We joined Espanix to exchange traffic with dozens of operators with a presence in Spain.

2010 We became the first Spanish provider to add cloud hosting to our service offer.

2011 Microsoft recognizes us as best Service Provider and we celebrate our tenth anniversary. Netcraft awards us as the most reliable hosting company worldwide, a recognition that we have also received in 2021. We were recognized by the Ardán report as a wealth-generating company, and we have been included on this list on a recurring basis.

2016 We launched our new website, a project in which more than 20 people participated.

2018 We launch new Control Panel, with a more intuitive design and more features. We launched a new high availability virtualization platform, much more flexible, secure and with higher performance. We were recognized by the A Coruña Provincial Council with the PEL award, as the best socially responsible initiative.

2021 We are celebrating 20 years. We reached the number of more than 145,000 clients in more than 60 markets, and we are the main independent supplier at a national level.

2022 The College of Telecommunications Engineers and Axians reward our network infrastructure.

Our partners

We are partners of CISCO, Dell, Microsoft and many other brands of proven quality and professionalism.

We are transparent

Our philosophy is to reinvest our profits in R&D to always offer you the best answer.

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