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Boost your email service

Discover Email Plus!

Discover Email Plus!

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The perfect complement to your email service at dinahosting:

With EmailPlus you have unlimited email and transfer accounts and add additional storage of 8 GB of exclusive email and 8 GB of storage, expandable, of course, to your hosting. In addition, you take Cloud Suite completely free.

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Cloud Suite, your collaborative environment

A complete tool, ideal to work as a team, sharing calendars, contacts, tasks, documents and more. Access the classic exchange-type mail and groupware functions at a really competitive price and with your corporate image.

Get it for free with Plus Email!

Cloud Suite is free when you hire Mail Plus. If you consider that your hosting has already the resources you need, you can also get Cloud Suite separately.

Everything always at hand with Cloud Suite

Everything to manage and share your files: documents, photos, videos, music... Update and synchronize your data instantly. You can even edit simple documents from your browser.

Maximum productivity and mobility

Work from anywhere, comfortably and in real time! Cloud Suite uses open standards, so it's compatible with your smartphone, PC or tablet.

Boost your email service

Combine it with your dinahosting hosting or advanced mail packages: autoresponder and improved copies, detailed logs, restriction by account, and more!

With your business image

Customize Cloud Suite the way you like it! Add your company's corporate colors... And of course: use your own domain.

Evolving: you decide

An exclusive dinahosting solution, designed to suit your needs. Your ideas and suggestions will influence its evolution and development: we hear you!

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