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Professional mail with your own domain

Customize your email address and highlight your brand
Webmail dinahosting: your collaborative environment

Correo profesional con tu propio dominio
Dinahosting Webmail

Much more than a mail service

Your hosting in dinahosting always includes a package of advanced features with which you will maximize your company's email service: automatic response, filters and rules, automatic filing and purging, detailed logs, and more!

Enjoy unlimited transfer in all our plans, from 50 GB of storage with a minimum of 10 email accounts, from shared hosting to a virtual server or Dedicated. We attend you for free when you need us, you already know our 24/7 Support.

Collaborative webmail: an exclusive solution from dinahosting

With your professional email plan you get a complete tool with which you can work as a team sharing documents, contacts and calendars, with a really competitive price and with your corporate image.

Corporate customization

Customize your email management tool with your brand. Include your company colors and logo.

Delivery scheduler

In your plan Advanced or superior, program for another time the sending of emails for the time and day that you prefer.

Multiple accounts

Forget about opening your accounts one at a time! Manage them all from a simple and manageable interface.

From any device

Use the device that is most comfortable for you at all times. Your email is 100% compatible with smartphone, PC or tablet.

Support for DAV

Synchronize your contacts and calendars and access them from any of your applications through DAV Server.

Email filters

Apply them to the subject, the sender, the recipient ... If you want, assign them a color to easily locate them.

NVMe disks incredibly fast!

All our plans include NVMe disks, which significantly improve the response time of your website. NVMe is ideal for covering virtualization needs and hosting large volume databases or applications with large disk write rates.

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NVMe disks incredibly fast!

Choose your Webmail mode

Manage your emails wherever you are using your preferred web application.

Webmail Dinahosting

  • Proprietary Panel adapted to the requirements of our customers.
  • It has all of the advanced functionalities that you need to manage you work email wherever you are.
  • Extra security system by way of two-factor authentication.


  • Free software specialised in email management with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.
  • It includes all the usual email options and is accessible from any browser.
  • It allows third-party accessories to be implemented.


Having a personalized email address with the name of your company is essential to give an image of professionalism and trust to your clients and partners. In fact, according to recent studies, the vast majority of consumers trust an email with your domain name more than the generic addresses of Gmail or Yahoo!

In addition, another of the great advantages is that you can configure several accounts under the same domain name, allocating each one to a different area or position.

Here we explain in detail why you should have an email with your own domain.

At dinahosting we have a tool called Migrate from server that allows you to migrate your emails from another provider very easily from your Control Panel.

Given that this management may involve a temporary loss of service, we recommend that you do it at a time of low activity in your account. In your Hosting Panel you can choose the date and time in which the migration of your mail to dinahosting will take place.

And if you prefer, our Technical Support team takes care of everything for you.

To enjoy a professional email service, in addition to an email you need to contract a domain. We recommend that you think of a good name, register it as soon as possible so that no one gets ahead of you, and then hire the email plan.

Check out our domain offers to get the best price.

In case you already have your domain in another provider and you are not interested in transferring it to dinahosting, remember modify the DNS so that the domain resolves to our servers and the professional email works correctly.

From Webmail you can update and synchronize your data at the moment. There are many programs that allow you to synchronize the information and that you can use as long as they are compatible with CalDAV or CardDAV. You have some examples in the profile of your Webmail account, accessing Settings and then Synchronization applications.

If you are occupying more space than you have contracted in your professional email you have two options, either hire more or release it

To contract more space, you can do it from the extensions section of your Hosting, in the Control Panel. To free up space on the server, the quickest thing is to delete all the expendable information you have stored. From the Space Control section that you have in the Email section of the Panel you can create automatic deletion rules on your inbox.

If it is not possible to delete data, configure your account as POP instead of IMAP, and in this way you will download the mail on your computer instead of on the server; or make a backup of the emails locally to delete the messages from the server knowing that you have a backup copy. You have here more detailed information.

In order to avoid IP blocking and that the sending is done in a controlled way, we recommend to comply with the following recommendations:

  • Send the email to a maximum of 180 recipients per hour.

  • Do not include more than 1 recipient in each email sent.

  • The time waiting between each email should not be less than 10 seconds.

  • The list of recipients must not include non-existent email accounts or that have not authorized the sending.

That your domain becomes part of a blacklist or blacklist of IP addresses means that it has been labeled as a spam generator, so your emails will go directly to the spam folder. At dinahosting we take care of requesting that your domain be removed from this list as soon as possible, and we can even carry out a server migration in case you need to send an urgent communication to your users via email.