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1-click auto-installing apps

WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla!, Drupal...
Free with your Hosting Plan


Auto-installing APPs available for your hosting

We put at your disposal a lot of applications with which to create your website and start adding content instantly. All of them are totally free and self-installing from your Control Panel.

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What are auto-installing applications and what are they for?

Auto-installing applications allow you to set up a dynamic website without the need for great programming knowledge. There are applications of all kinds: for blogs, websites, stores, forums... whatever best suits your idea.

From your Control Panel you can automatically install the applications that interest you completely free: WordPress, PrestaShop, Moodle...


From the Self-Installing Apps section of your Hosting Panel you can select any of the applications that we have available.   You just have to choose the directory, your page title and your access credentials to start enjoying the APP on your hosting.

Of course, you can configure the auto-installers you need as long as you install them in different directories or subdomains.

Also keep in mind that if the APP needs its own database, you must have one for each self-installable. Get an Advanced Hosting to have unlimited databases.

You can install other applications following the developer's instructions and as long as the technical requirements are compatible with the hosting plan you have contracted. Ask us and we help you ;)

Each self-installing application has a different functionality that may or may not be useful according to the needs or objectives you want for your page.

They are used to manage content and create web pages (CMS), organize tasks, create your own online teaching platform, set up a forum or manage your mail, among other functions. You can choose the one you prefer or consult us so that we can advise you.