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SMS Packages

Send the cheapest SMS from your PC or Smartphone
Program your sending from the Control Panel


Sending massive SMS to your business

Launch your promotional SMS campaigns at unbeatable prices and with the advantage of typing them from your computer.
From the dinahosting Panel you can customize and schedule your text messages.

Configuration your way

Set an alias for your SMS accounts, enter a default sender or set up your balance auto-recharge.

Predefined templates

Create and modify predefined message templates for your mailings. Choose the one that suits you best at any given moment!

Massive launch

Create a personalized list and add as many contacts as you want to send massive SMS messages.

International shipments

Send SMS messages across borders, internationally, to reach anywhere in the world.

Sample source code

We provide you our SMS sending API free of charge, programmed in PHP, ASP or ASP.NET.

Are you a Reseller?

Customize the appearance of your SMS to include your corporate image as Reseller Dinahosting.

SMS packages

Choose from our SMS plans and start creating your marketing campaigns.

  • 50 SMS

    50 SMS Pack Registration

    4,50 €

  • 100 SMS

    100 SMS Pack registration

    8,70 €

  • 1000 SMS

    1000 SMS Pack Registration

    85 €

  • 5000 SMS

    5000 SMS Pack Registration

    410 €

  • 20000 SMS

    20000 SMS Pack Registration

    1580 €

Snapshot ofGus González

Gus González

Development Department

«Text messaging has a huge potential: it's a cheap way of communication and it helps towards customer loyalty. Make the most of it!».


Of course. From the Your account section of your SMS Panel, you can schedule sendings by choosing the exact date and time. If you leave this field blank, the SMS will be sent immediately.

If you don't need to send any SMS that you have programmed, you can also cancel the sending.

Through the History section of your SMS package, you can view the history of SMS messages sent, as well as the status of each message and the data linked to it (telephone number, content, etc.).

You can check here all the details of this section.

Our SMS service allows messages to be sent internationally. However, since our providers operate with different telephone companies for each country, if the destination number indicated isn't on the list of these companies, the message can't be sent.

Here you can check the list of companies Netsize and Didimo which we work with, and verify the compatibility of our service with your needs.

This section is very useful if you want to provide access to third parties to the SMS Panel, but without them being able to access the other sections of your Control Panel. This way they can manage all the functionalities of the SMS package, without accessing the rest of the services or your user data (contacts, billing, etc.).

Here we explain it in detail.