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Dinahosting Control Panel

  • Custom designed based on your needs
  • Manage your services from an exclusive tool
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Your dinahosting Panel: the most advanced and easy to use

Manage all your services and applications from a customized Control Panel, totally customizable and easy to use. It is so practical that the vast majority of our clients use the dinahosting Panel on a daily basis.

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Still not a dinahosting user? Sign up in a moment and you will be able to access the Panel, it is not necessary to contract any service. The Panel has its own design and programming, and it is more comfortable and intuitive than other panels of well-known brands.

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Manage your services easily

The dinahosting Panel has a simple structure to help you better manage your services. As it is an in-house development we improve it day by day, so if you find something missing, do not hesitate to contribute your ideas.


As soon as you enter your Control Panel, you access a search engine for the most common services and actions as a user, your expiration and renewal alerts, your favorite sections within the Panel and the latest news published on our blog.

Services Section

From here you can access each of your dinahosting services. Everything for your domains (contacts, DNS, redirections, parking...), create customized plans for your hostings (space, traffic, email accounts...) and manage your servers, among other functions.

Information about your account

Configure your contact information and your user preferences on your account: contact methods and hours, language, type of panel... You can also create secondary contacts and give them access to third parties to manage certain services.


Check your invoices, download them and change their ownership if you need it. You can renew your services instantly or configure the corresponding auto-renewals, and change the payment method associated with each contracted service.

Affiliated Program

As an Affiliate, you earn a commission for each dinahosting service that you recommend to a third party. Keep track of the commissions generated and access marketing materials to include on your website or on your social networks.

Help assistant

In the Control Panel you have your own Help Assistant at the bottom right, which provides you with information on what each functionality is for and when you will need it, along with tricks and warnings to keep in mind.

Are you a Reseller?

As a hosting and domain reseller you have your own section within the Panel. From it you access all the products you have contracted and associate them with your clients, indicating their end or renewal dates. You can also customize the notifications that you are interested in receiving, as well as certain aspects of their services: webmail, domain DNS, Control Panel they use, etc.


More for your Dashboard

Take advantage of all the resources you have in the Control Panel to work comfortably and give your web project more security.

Customization on the Panel

  • Classic Desktop version
  • High contrast white on black
  • High contrast black on white
  • Language in which you will see the Panel and receive communications: Spanish, Galician, Catalan, English and Portuguese
  • Preferred method and time of contact

Security measures

  • 2-step authentication when accessing the Panel
  • Entry restrictions by continent, country or IP to the Panel or to certain folders within your hosting
  • Notification of incorrect logins
  • Independent or secondary access to third parties
  • Access permissions to your databases
  • Creation of secure passwords for your services
  • Geolocation for password recovery

Do you have questions with any section of the Control Panel?

On our Help Page, we leave you very useful tutorials on how to manage all your services. If you prefer videos, visit YouTube, where you have lists specifically oriented to the Panel.
You can also call us toll-free at 900 854 000 or write us an email or chat. We help you with everything 24/7!

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