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Private Cloud with VMware

Your customized virtual infrastructure


Your Private Cloud with VMware

All the resources of a dedicated physical server exclusively for you. If your company has special virtualization or security needs, the Private Cloud is a very useful solution. Infrastructure is not shared with any other client and this allows you to increase and improve your data’s availability, performance and confidentiality.

VMware allows you to manage your virtual servers easily, from resource allocation to monitoring. Manage your entire virtual infrastructure in a secure environment from a single interface. If instead you are looking for a 100 % managed and scalable single Cloud server, take a look at our Cloud Hosting.


Graphic explaining how a Private Cloud works

VMware, your data center

VMware is the market-leading virtualization platform. Create your own data center in the cloud, design a customized infrastructure and configure and monitor your virtual servers - all from a simple and intuitive interface!

Total management in just a few clicks

Create, clone and delete servers according to your needs in just a matter of seconds. You choose the resources for each machine: processor, disks, RAM memory...

Hot scalability and resizing

Increase or decrease your machines resources without experiencing service outage. A quick reaction allows you to reduce downtime for optimization tasks and servers maintenance.

Cloned Server

System cloning is ideal when you want to replicate the same server configuration among several clients; also, as a security measure in the event of your servers interrupting their services.

Workload Balancing

Move workloads to our Data Centers and benefit from the network and hardware advantages that we use at dinahosting. The highest performance and reliability at your fingertips!

Maximum security

Our infrastructure has 100% dedicated physical servers for clients, housed in Data Centers that meet the highest security standards.

High Availability Infrastructure

In a virtual environment such as the one provided by VMware vSAN, if any failure occurs in one of your nodes, your data will still be accessible whilst waiting for its recovery.


A private cloud is a storage model in which your services are hosted in a data center where you do not share resources with any other organization.

Normally, private clouds are managed by companies that take care of supervising and maintaining all their physical infrastructure, so that you only have to focus on distributing the resources that you have dedicated exclusively to you.

It is a service that stands out for its reliability and security, in which you have all the control over the virtual servers that you create.

It is true that a private cloud provides a higher level of control and security, since you do not share resources with any other company and you have more flexibility to design your own privacy system.

But for the private cloud to be secure, it is important that the provider you choose to host it guarantees the strength you need. Here you have more information about our Data Center and our hardware.

Managing a private cloud requires a series of technical knowledge, so it is important that you have specialists in the field before opting for this solution. In any case, VMware will greatly facilitate and simplify the management of your Private Cloud through its vCenter Control Panel.

Based on its uses, it can be very interesting for companies that store a large volume of confidential data, that work with critical applications that demand high performance or that have needs virtualization specials. It is also ideal for replication and contingency environments.

Here we explain in detail the characteristics of our Private Cloud with VMware.

VMware is undoubtedly one of the leading virtualization technologies, allowing you to create and manage your own data center within your private cloud from an administration panel that makes your work much easier. In a few clicks you will have created a new service.

Cloning and hot system migration, creation of test environments, workload balancing... are just some of its functionalities.

At dinahosting we offer you both a Private Cloud with VMware and a Cloud Hosting service 100 % managed by our team.

Cloud Hosting is designed for websites that have a lot of traffic peaks, since you can scale their resources at the moment or even schedule the increase for specific days and hours. Its management is as simple as that of any other hosting, with the difference that you pay only for what you use. Instead, the Private Cloud is designed to meet ongoing resource needs. You manage your own data center and the servers that you create in it with complete freedom, so it will be good for you to have some initial knowledge.

Here we explain in detail the the differences between these two types of cloud.