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Commitment to conciliation

Commitment to conciliation

In dinahosting we work to improve day by day to improve day by day to reconcile to reconcile family and work life with measures that allow a better quality of life and professional development of our workers.

We guarantee equal opportunities within our team and we bet decisively for the intensive workday. To give you the best support and attention, whenever you need us, we have split schedules for our workers, being on their own choice.

If you have just become mother or father, in dinahosting you have monthly permits and aids for the payment of nursery schools. If you care for dependent people, we will help you with a monthly supplement for the payment of private residences.

We have private medical and dental insurance and coverages for workers families.

All of our contracts are permanent and we firmly believe about not using temporary employment companies (TEA) services.

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Our main asset are the people that integrate Dinahosting's Team. We offer you the opportunity to join it and develop professionally in the most important independent company in Spain's sector.

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What are we looking for? People with the ability to lead by example, effectiveness and commitment. Proactive people with good preparation, with curiosity to put into practice new ideas and their own creativity.

What do we offer you? In dinahosting we enjoy our own own collective agreement and also public

Advantages of being a dinaworker :)

  • Labor flexibility and measures that favor family conciliation.
  • Free holiday choice: coordinate with your team and choose them whenever you want.
  • 100% subsidized training grant.
  • Pilates and relaxation classes.
  • Kitchen and eating area where you can eat during working hours.
  • Quarterly corporate meals.
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