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Commitment to your safety

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Inform us and we investigate your case

Your security is the key

All the hardware and software that we make available to you passes rigorous controls by our security team, and even so it is inevitable that some error or specific vulnerability may occur. We really appreciate you keeping us up to date with any issues you come across.


If spam arrives daily in your email inbox in the form of advertising.


If you receive emails that impersonate our identity to steal your personal data.


If the confidentiality of your services or the integrity of your data is affected.


Any technical improvement that you detect in the security of your domain, hosting...

How to report bugs or vulnerabilities to us

Be sure to not share your report publicly, because it may not be secure and further aggravate the consequences of the error. Follow these steps:

  1. Write to us at explaining in detail what you have seen or discovered.

  2. It includes the specific URL address or the service in question that is affected by the vulnerability found.

  3. If you want, add screenshots or any other resource that complements the information you give us.

  4. For security reasons, avoid adding sensitive data (user names, password, etc.) in the email you send us.

Mistakes out of our control

There are some issues that do not fall under this bug review policy, and therefore do not need to be reported to us. For example, related to DDoS attacks, omission of security headers, vulnerabilities in operating systems or in the TLS configuration.

Mistakes out of our control

What we will do after your report

As soon as we receive your email informing us of a bug or vulnerability, our security specialists will examine it as soon as possible. These are the steps we will follow:

  1. We will review your report in detail to check if it is a failure in our services.

  2. We will contact you if we need to further the information provided or solve any doubts.

  3. We will design an action plan and act immediately to correct the error or vulnerability found.

  4. We will inform you of the steps taken throughout the process and of the final conclusion we have reached.


We take security very seriously, and as a sample you have the settings you enjoy in your Control Panel: 2-step authentication; independent or secondary access for third parties; permissions to enter databases; Panel entry restrictions by continent, country or IP; malware scanner...

In addition, we have a backpus service you can develop your project without fear of losing anything; We work with a web application firewall (WAF) to further strengthen the protection of your hosting; and we monitor access to your email account to detect possible hacks, while applying antispam and antivirus in real time.

These are just some examples. You can write to us at or call us for free at 900 854 000 if you have any questions.

No, at the moment we do not have any reward program for reporting information about service vulnerabilities.

If someone has managed to break your password to access your dinahosting Control Panel, the first thing to do is to change the password again to regain control of your services. Here we leave you a few recommendations to create strong passwords and easy to remember.

Next, check your email to make sure your account hasn't been hacked too and set up suspicious shipping rules. In the worst case, you will have to notify your contacts that your account has been temporarily hacked and that they ignore the messages received in that period of time.

If you used the stolen password on some other service, it is also recommended that you change it. Finally, take a look at your website to check that everything is in order, and run the antivirus on your computer to make sure it hasn't been infected with malware.

In the Legal area of our website you have access to both the Privacy Policy, as well as the rest of the legal texts. Ask us if you have any questions.