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Maximum security and performance infrastructure

Data Centers in Spain
NVMe disks, much faster!

Infraestructura de máxima seguridad y rendimiento

Guarantees provided when having your web hosting at dinahosting

You can be sure that at dinahosting your project is in good hands: high-performance Data Centers and network infrastructure, top-quality hardware that we have previously tested and dedicated and close technical support whenever you need it.


Our Data Centers

  • Located at Interxion and Global Switch, in Madrid

    233 m² of surface in 4 completely independent cubes, planned to guarantee its growth and the comfort in the work of the technical team. More than 3000 servers arranged in Open Frame racks with cubed enclosure.

  • Guaranteed power

    Double electrical connection, batteries, UPS and redundant generator sets. Your website will be operational even in the event of prolonged power outages.

  • Online infrastructure no matter what

    We have an alternative backup data center that has 4 fiber lines in direct communication with Interxion separated and redundant in 2 and 2 with more than 3 km of separation distance between them. This allows us to always be connected and operational, even in the event of a serious incident or catastrophe (Disaster Recovery).

  • Environmental control

    We have optimized the space management with cable ceiling by rejibands and we maintain the optimal temperature and humidity conditions indicated by the manufacturers. We dispose of a configuration n+1 in air machines so that in case of a failure the refrigeration will not be affected.

  • Anti-humidity and fire measures

    We have a multitude of detectors arranged throughout the room and in the most sensitive points of the DPC.

  • ISO certification

    Our CPD complies with the most exigents certifications in the sector: ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 27001 for information security, ISO 22301 for business continuity, ISO 14001 for the environment and LEED Gold for sustainability.

  • Green Hosting

    Our DPC is a member of the Green Grid, an international consortium that promotes the implementation of effective energy efficiency strategies in the leading companies in the sector. We are also accredited as a Green Hosting organisation by the Green Web Foundation, because we only use renewable energy.

Dinahosting Network

Our network is optimized and monitored at all times to offer you the best connectivity. Check it out for yourself!

BGP and 5 independent connection providers

We have a network of high performance and availability, with our own Autonomous System. It is redundant at all points, with Internet access with 5 different providers and balanced with BGP, to route traffic always along the shortest route.

Maximum availability and smallest latencies

We guarantee resolution of routing conflicts in less than 5 ms. We can offer the best state connectivity, minimal latencies (average values below 0.2 ms) nationally and internationally and a real availability of 99.999 %.

Netcraft™ independent monitoring

Our network is being audited in real time by Netcraft, who publishes continuously monitor the results of your monitoring.

Looking Glass

Check and correct problems in the routing.

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Hardware that we use at dinahosting

We offer hardware with the highest quality and best performance for all your projects.

Only components we trust

Only components we trust

Our experience over the years with different types of hardware leads us to offer only the highest quality and leading brands in the market. That's why we use Dell and Lenovo branded servers.

Backup Servers

Backup Servers

We know how important is to make a copy of your websites. To guarantee the integrity of all your data, we set up distributed and redundant backup copies thanks to last generation systems, such as Ceph.

Life guarantee

Life guarantee

All the hardware we use for the services you hire at dinahosting is lifetime guaranteed. We vouch for all components that may need replacement.

Network elements: routers and switches

Network elements: routers and switches

We use last generation network hardware from Cisco Systems, with ASR9000 series routers and Nexus 5600 series switches, fully redundantly connected through high-speed fiber optic links. We assure you the best performance and reliability.

Life guarantee

We are a Green Hosting provider

Dinahosting has been awarded a Green Hosting certification, thanks to its use of renewable energy only. This achievement reflects our commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment by delivering high-quality, sustainable website hosting services.

NVMe: maximum read and write speed and bandwidth

In dinahosting we work with NVMe disks of Western Digital, which represent a great qualitative leap in the field of storage and provide a much higher speed for all types of tasks.


NVMe uses PCI-Express technology, which provides some transfer rates and IOPS up to 5 or 6 times higher than traditional SSD disks.


NVMe disks are prepared to assume more writing and reading capacity simultaneously, reducing latency and overload in the service.

Latest technology

For your guarantee, we rely on the latest generation Intel Cascade Lake processor, the Intel Xeon Gold 5320 model with 50 Cores and 102 Threads.

NVME disks are up to 7 times faster than conventional SSD. Comparative graph of disk bandwidth Sequential Read Sequential Write 5000 MB/s 3000 MB/s 2000 MB/s 1500 MB/s 1000 MB/s 500 MB/s 7000 MB/s HDD SSD NVMe HDD SSD NVMe


SSD disks work on a SATA 3 interface, with a maximum bandwidth of 0,8 GB/s. The NVMe do it on a PCI-Express ® Gen3 x4 interface, which supports read and write speeds of up to 7.9 GB/s.
NVMe disks are up to 5 times faster than their counterparts (SSD and HDD). Comparative graph of inputs and outputs on disks Random Read Random Write 1M 600K IOPS 200 K IOPS 150 K IOPS 100 K IOPS 60 K IOPS 1 K IOPS 30 K IOPS HDD SSD NVMe HDD SSD NVMe


The new NVMe protocol connects storage disks through the PCI-Express interface, which reduces latency and increases IOPS (Input/Output operations per second).

Dedicated Servers and VPS with GPU now available

GPU (Graphic Processor Unit) has a processor for high computing and massive data processing. It is ideal for artificial intelligence projects, engineering, prediction systems... or any calculation work that requires high efficiency and constant performance.

GPU Dedicated GPU VPS
GPU Dedicated Servers now available

Advantages of having your hosting or server with Spanish IP

Buy a hosting or a server in a national or foreign provider is a key factor for the performance of your website. Choose dinahosting and enjoy all the advantages of having your server or hosting in Spain.

Better SEO positioning

If your website is oriented to the national market, having a Spanish IP will help you climb positions in local searches, since Google and other search engines prioritize pages hosted in the same country.

We comply with the DPGR

Our infrastructure complies with European data protection regulations. We make sure that your information and that of your clients is fully protected, so you gain security and trust.

Greater speed on your website

Our servers and hositngs are in Spain. The closer the server is, the lower the latency times and your website will load much faster. Higher speed will result in a better user experience.

24/7 technical support in your language

At dinahosting we speak your language, and we do not use answering machines to assist you. We work on the same timetable, so it will be easier for you to schedule tasks or perform maintenance on your website.

Our DNS servers and Data Centers

Our DNS servers are strategically dispersed geographically, which allows us to offer you greater reliability and better response times. We currently have several servers, located throughout the world: Spain (Madrid), USA (Los Angeles and New Jersey), Japan (Tokyo), Korea (Seoul), and Australia (Sydney). We also have 2 data centers in Madrid, at the Interxion and Global Switch facilities.

Compensations for VPS, Dedicated, Cloud and Housing

We have full confidence in our technological infrastructure and to prove it we've developed a service level agreement as follows.

Unavailable network 0,1 %
5 % refund of your monthly fee
Unavailable network 1 %
25 % refund of your monthly fee
Unavailable network 2 %
50 % refund of your monthly fee
Unavailable network 4 %
75 % refund of your monthly fee
Unavailable network 10 %
100 % refund of your monthly fee

Commitment to your safety

Although we apply rigorous security controls to the hardware and software you work with, it is inevitable that some occasional error may occur. If you think you have detected an error or security vulnerability in our services, please let us know and our team will review it as soon as possible.

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Commitment to your safety