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Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions

Professional services to develop highly demanding projects
Housing: your servers in good hands

Advanced Solutions

Through our experience and the most advanced network infrastructure we help you achieve your goals with personalized technological solutions tailored to your project.


Professional services tailored to you

These are some of the services we can help you with:

Redundant network topologies

We help you add the necessary elements to achieve a high availability network in your infrastructure.

Mixed Hosting-Housing models

We provide you with the servers and the facilities to save them. You forget about space and technical requirements.

Consulting and advice

Our team of experts helps you solve the challenges that may arise in the development of your project.

Direct sale of hardware

We trust the best brands and demand the highest quality for our hardware, and yours!

Connectivity improvements

We add to your project the communications or alternative carries you need (satellites, fiber, peering, other CPS, etc.).


We offer you both our own and third-party security solutions to keep your servers free of threats.

More services

Also contact us if you need us to help you carry out any of these actions.

  • Load Balancers

    Configure a connection balancer between two or more Non-Managed servers from your Control Panel. You have this functionality available both in your Dedicated and in VPS.

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  • Private Cloud

    We give you a complete turnkey solution with the virtualization leader of the market: VMware. You manage your virtual infrastructure safely and easily.

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  • Remote hands in Non-Managed

    We help you to recover your server in case of incident. Have you updated the kernel and your server won't start? We help you to solve it after budgeting.



Your servers in dinahosting

Bring your physical servers to our Data Center! We have solutions ready to use from 10 U. Enjoy the most reliable network with the best performance, BGP connectivity with peering agreements signed with the main operators and connection to 1 Gbps / 10 Gbps.

Each rack includes Switch for connectivity with 24/48 ports of 1 Gbps, IPS block and electricity with remote management.


Your Housing includes

Look at everything that our Housing service has and that others can not give you.

Guaranteed redundant connectivity

The connectivity of dinahosting is one of our strengths. Maximum performance, redundancy and minimum latencies so you can enjoy maximum speed at all times.

Access to the Data Center

We give you access to our CPD for the procedures on the server that you prefer to carry out yourself. Request your appointment!

Our team, your team

Trust your technical infrastructure in the best hands. Our system and network technicians are at your disposal in case you need them. We can also handle the racking and installation of your hardware.

Customized hardware solutions

We are distributors / partners of DELL, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, NetApp and Intel, among other brands. Get the hardware at the best price with dinahosting.

More for your housing

Complete with these extras your Housing services.

Leading technologies

We use the latest technologies from the best brands.