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Technical advice for your hosting

Contract our security services
We maintain your hosting free of malware


Technical Advisory Service

We have a specialized technical support team at your disposal to analyze and perform all the actions you need for your hosting. We keep your hosting secure and optimized.

NVMe disks incredibly fast!

Security audit

We analyze if your hosting is updated, which versions of your components need updating, if you are vulnerable to attacks, etc. We provide you with a report that includes all the points to improve your security.

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Latest generation hardware

Associated domain change and routes modification

We modify the associated domain in your database and replace any necessary route with the domain you choose. Keep the functioning of your hosting intact, despite changing the domain.

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Data Center

HTTPS compatibility service

Having a digital certificate is an almost mandatory measure in any web. We can install it for you and make your CMS automatically encrypt all your visits.

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Maximum connectivity

Staging environment

We duplicate your CMS in a subdomain so that you have a testing environment that does not affect your page in production

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Guaranteed security

Custom Backups Service

Do you need a copy of your hosting? Do you want to recover the contents of a mail account inside hosting of your property? If you need these or other services contact us.

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Disinfection Service

We make sure that your hosting does not have any vulnerability. The service includes:

Scanning of any hosting and delete of localized malware.

Elimination of possible sequels resulting from the infection on your website.

If you work with WordPress, core update, plugins and themes.

Delivery of a detailed report that includes the work done in your hosting.

Free of charge on your Optimized WordPress Hosting

Enjoy the Monitoring service and activate reports totally free in your Optimized WordPress Hosting Plan.

Set it up in your Control Panel!
Free of charge on your Optimized WordPress Hosting

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Gustavo González

Development Department

«At dinahosting we are committed to making Internet browsing a safer experience. That's why we have at your entire disposal our experience and technologies so that you become part of it too».