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Additional storage

More space for your files

Almacenamiento adicional

Centralize all your files!

Store your files, documents or images and access them anytime, anywhere. Keep your files centralized, with all the disk storage that you want and unlimited transfer. Your data will be stored securely so they are ready when you need to access them.

Everything on-hand

Quick and easy to your files anytime, anywhere, through FTP or through the WebDAV protocol.

Git and subversion

You will have access to a web interface for Git and SVN. This way you can handle and manage each of the stored files.

With your apps or via FTP

You can use your apps to manage your files and, of course, you can do it directly from your Panel with FTP via web.

Mobile APP

With Dinahosting for smartphones, the application we have created to manage your services, you can edit and move files within your repository.

How to get your extra storage?

Select your initial package



Activate it now

Too easy! You just have to press the «Hire» button and that's it! You already have 50 GB of extra space for your files.

Scale up storage from your Panel

If you need even higher capacity, go to the «Store» APP, click and select the storage you need from the "Extensions" section.

captura panel de control captura panel de control


  • Registration package 50 GB
  • Base price:
    3 € /month
3 €
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